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Est. 1973
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About Us

Glen’s VW Repair formed in 1973 as full service Volkswagen repair shop on 16th Street in Sedalia, MO.   Since then, we have moved to a larger facility where we are currently located.   Glen still owns and applies his experience and knowledge to every vehicle driven into his shop.

Glen’s story started when his father purchased a 1962 VW Bug.   "I went to the dealership with him for service on the beetle when I was 16 yr. old.   I really liked the way the shop was set up and all you could see on every lift was bugs.   At the time, I was attending classes at a vocational technical school during high school.   Still wishing to follow a career in automobile repair, I decided that day at the VW dealership service department to become a VW mechanic.   A year later I went to work for that same dealership in Sedalia, MO."   That was in 1969.

Over the years we have seen a few unique vehicles come through our shop.   "I worked on a couple military vehicles for a man named Wendell Fletcher from Pasadena, Ca.   He owned Fletcher Aviation where he invented the fuel drop tanks that were used on airplanes during the war.   They also used the tear drop tanks to build race cars, including a dual engine car that they raced in California on road course tracks.   I worked on an aluminum body, 4 wheel drive vehicle he had developed for the US Army in 1948.   It originally used a Porsche 356 engine, but since the USA government would not allow German engines, he designed and built his own engine."

The engine Fletcher designed was not only bigger, but better.   He spread the cylinders apart, allowing more air flow and it was well over 2000 cc in size with twin carburetors.   Since Fletcher was good friends with Ferdinand Porsche, they were able to work together to win may road course races.   The 2 holes in the back of the car pictured above are for the exhaust and are 8" in diameter.   Fletcher called this jet cooling; it drew a vacuum over the cylinders which helped cool the engine and increase power. He also attempted to install them on a Porsche 356, but it was to loud to be street legal.   Fletcher had used this system on airplanes for a long time.   The vehicle below is a Porsche 4 wheel drive from 1950 of which only 52 were built.   Ferdinand Porsche gave Fletcher one as a gift.   The vehicle was built with hunting and fishing in mind as you can see by the name on rear fender.   The vehicle has a 24 volt electrical system with front cv joint axles!   This vehicle ended being sold in the North East.

We began working on the water cooled cars in 1978, and also diesels, which has become a large part of our business.   We have done many (I lost count) engine overhauls on air cooled and diesel vehicles.   The gas water cooled engines just keep on running!   Today we work on a lot of TDIs.

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